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10 Signs You Need a CRM in Your Winery

July 29, 2019

All wineries know how important customers are, but many don't focus on growing long-term customer relationships. Instead, the majority of sales remain a one-off when visitors are in your cellar door and those people are quickly forgotten when they leave.

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can help you change this. By storing all of your data into one place, it will be easier to stay in touch with people and turn them into loyal customers. You can also discover insights into how people interact with you and gain a greater understanding of your future sales potentials. They can also help to streamline your administration and improve your customer service offerings.

Wonder if you could benefit from a CRM? Read this list and if you relate to 2 or 3 points, it might be time to make the switch.

You’re Struggling to Maintain Your Customer Data

Naturally, you will collect a lot of information about your customers, but many wineries rely on spreadsheets and disconnected systems to store it.

The problem with this is that it takes time to check several systems for the information you’re looking for and even more time updating information across various locations. Plus, you risk information being inconsistent across sources, meaning you may not know what is correct.

In contrast, a CRM puts all that information into one place, giving you a single source of truth when it comes to your customers.

You Don’t Know What’s Happening in Your Winery

A CRM can also be invaluable when it comes to understanding trends in your business. Many CRMs will include dashboards to help you understand how many new contacts you’ve created in the week and can even link with your e-Commerce to show your sales data.

You Want to Create a Point of Difference

One of the hardest parts about selling wine is that there a lot of other people doing it and wineries need to find their unique point of difference to grow customer relationships.

One of the easiest ways to do that is though your use of data. Whether it’s knowing when someone’s birthday is and mentioning that when you speak to them around the date or being able to provide recommendations based on previous purchases, data can help your customers feel as though you understand them and increase their loyalty.

You Need to Find the Customers Who Are Likely to Buy

If you’re like a lot of wineries, you have a lot of people on your mailing list who are not active customers. This is not always a bad thing, but if you are looking to increase your sales, these potential or lapsed customers can be good groups to target.

Using a CRM makes it easy to find them and can even help to set up separate campaigns for these customers.

Your Customer Service is Lacking

Keeping track of customer issues can be difficult, particularly as the number of staff across your business grows. Having policies in place can ease some of this, but you still need a way to track complaints and make sure that everyone is aware of what is happening.

You’re Looking to Grow the Lifetime Value of a Customer

Customer loyalty can be a hard thing to get, but one of the best ways to guarantee your customers stay with you is to show that you understand them. Using data from your CRM can help you send segmented campaigns, offer wine recommendations and even predict order patterns. Done well, this can cement you as the brand who knows them just as well as they know themselves. 

You Run a Wine Club

Without the right software, wine clubs are time consuming and expensive to run but a CRM can help you identify what your members are looking for and cut down your admin time. It will also ensure that you are storing information in a PCI compliant manner.

You’ve Lost Customer Data Before

Customer data is extremely valuable, but accidents do happen. This is particularly true if you’re relying on Excel for your customer data, as typing up over a cell is all too easy.

You Want to Know a Customer’s Purchase History

One of the best ways to go above and beyond for your customers is to offer them content that suits them. Imagine sending an email recommending them three wines based on their previous purchases or immediately starting a tasting with the new vintage of a wine they previously enjoyed.

Without a CRM doing this would be extremely difficult, but with integrations you can get this information almost instantly to grow your relationships.

Sending an Email Campaign is a Hassle

Sending an email shouldn’t be difficult, but if you’re relying on separate systems to keep your database and send your email, it can be. Not only can it take additional time to make sure your data is up to date, you will also struggle to segment your customers if you can't access key information like purchase history.

Want to improve your customer relationships?

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