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Data & Your Winery: How it Can Help Grow Your DtC Wine Sales:

July 1, 2019

One of the most valuable assets you have in your winery is data. Whether it’s the number of cellar door visitors, the average time someone stays in your wine club or your conversion rate from email marketing, data is invaluable. It can help you understand what is happening in your business, help you identify trends to drive sales and discover the most important areas for improvement.

We think the most important form of data is information that relates to your customers. This comes in several forms:

  • Customer emails – this is probably the single most valuable piece of data you have. Without them, you are unable to run email marketing campaigns to drive future sales and engagement
  • Customer demographics whether it is your customer’s gender, address details or age, this information gives you an insight into who your customers are. Using this data can help you focus your search for new customers
  • Customer preferencesknowing what kind of wine is popular amongst certain customers or at certain times of year will help you create segmented sales campaigns and increase your conversion rate
  • Customer orders beyond what customers are ordering, you can look at things like the average order size and frequency to more accurately predict future sales

How Data Can Help Improve Your Direct Wine Sales 

Once you know the data you have, you need to understand the various ways you can use it across your winery.

  1. Validate your hunches just because you think you understand what is happening in your winery, it doesn’t mean you’re right. Data lets you explore trends and see what is really happening, giving you the insights you need to make smarter business decisions.
  2. Explore potential issues and abnormalitiesmost of the time, your winery will be running as normal. You will have a certain number of visitors in a week or a certain number of online orders, but what happens when this changes? Using data can help you find things that are unusual. What if your online orders dramatically drop? This might be a sign that there’s an issue with your website. What if you suddenly have more visitors? That could indicate that recent marketing is having a positive effect.
  3. Personalise your customer experienceincreasingly, customers are demanding that brands provide them with a unique experience. Even small things like making recommendations or promotional offers based on past purchases, wineries are unable to meet this demand without data.
  4. Create new opportunities – the easiest way to make more sales is to look at the customers you already have. This happens in two ways – firstly by using existing customer data to segment your marketing, you can improve your conversion rate. Secondly, you can use the data to identify people who are most likely to become customers and focus your efforts on them.

Three Steps to Collect More Data in Your Cellar Door

If you're convinced that data can help you grow your DtC wine sales, the next step is ensuring you have enough of it. Here's three quick ways to get started.

  1. Explore the data you’ve already got – the good news is, you will have collected a lot of data already. Take the time to see what you do have and if there are any conclusions you can draw from it. You will probably also discover elements that are missing, so you can start to devise a plan to capture this in the future.
  2. Automate your data captureone of the things that will hold you back is needing to capture the data yourself. Consider just trying to get more customers emails. Your options include having a sign up sheet at your cellar door or your staff asking each visitor to sign up. If a customer does give you their email, you still need to update it to your mailing list. This all takes time. Instead, with the use of POS & digital wine lists, you can capture emails automatically, increasing your conversion rate and cutting the time it takes
  3. Talk to your staff – this data will be anecdotal, but the information your staff get can also provide insights. Train your staff to talk to customers, to ask them about themselves and the reason they chose to visit you. This can help you understand the type of customers you have, which can in turn help you target your market to find new ones.
Not sure about data? How about emotions?

If using data to improve your DtC sales seems too hard, what about focusing on how emotional selling can drive engagement and profits? Our free e-book gives you everything you need to know.


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