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Five Emotions to Drive DtC Wine Sales

June 17, 2019

If we asked you why your customers are buying your wine, what would your answer be? Would it be because it’s good wine? Because you’ve won awards? Because you have a nice label? Good staff selling it? The price of it?

The reality is that the motivator behind sales is a lot simpler than that. People buy your wine because of emotions.

Studies have found that when making purchase decisions customers rely more on personal feelings and experiences than they do on facts. They’ve even found that inducing an emotional reaction is a greater predictor of sales than what you’re actually selling!

So what kind of emotions can help drive your direct wine sales? Here is our top five.  


One of the hardest parts about selling wine is that many of your customers don’t actually understand your product. For many people, wine has a degree of mysticism to it and we often underestimate how stressful this can be for customers.

This is where your story can help. By sharing who you are and what your winery is about, you change the focus of your conversation to something your customers can relate to. They might not understand the technicalities of organic wine making or why old vines are important, but they will respond to a story in an emotional way. In turn, this can inspire them to engage with you and of course, buy the wine with the interesting story.


Inspiring people with your story is one way to sell more wine direct, but another way to do this is education.

As we have already said, tasting wine can be a stressful experience for people. By helping them to understand what they are drinking and why it is so fantastic, you can create yourself as a trustworthy source of information. To do this, find simple ways to talk about your wines and also what makes them different from another winery’s. It can also be invaluable to help customers identify the kind of wines they like.

Together, these emotions can be used to empower customers to trust not only you, but also their own tastes and opinions. But why is this a good thing? It means that as a winery you are not relying on things like awards or labels to sell your wine. Instead, you can rely on your customers to have a deeper understanding and engage in relationship based selling.


People naturally want to feel part of a group and are drawn to brands they feel represent their values and who they are. Many wineries want to appeal to everyone, but this is actually making your job harder. Don’t try and be the perfect winery for everyone. Instead, find the people you are the perfect winery for.

While this sense of identification and belonging can drive one off sales, it is also one of the greatest drivers of wine club memberships. Create a sense of community amongst your wine club through personal interactions and whenever possible, offer your members exclusive events. This will let people meet other members and reinforce this emotion. 


Customers also want to know that they are making the right decision, particularly when they don’t feel confident in their opinions. If you’re doing a tasting with someone who hasn’t been to many cellar doors, start with your best selling or award winning wines. Doing this can give them confidence before you use their responses to find other wines they might enjoy.

This can also work when customers are more experienced and on a personal level. Sharing your favourite wine can go a long way to creating that validation, particularly when you’ve connected with your customers.


It might be obvious, but we’re bringing it up for a good reason. Obviously, you want your customers to feel happy with their experience with you, but have you considered that it could actually help you to grow your winery?

This is because word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques. If you do nothing else, focus on making your customers happy to tap into powerful word of mouth networks and of course increase your chance of a sale on the day!

Emotions and the Customer Experience

Discover the emotions your customers experience through the wine-buying journey and discover how to use them to increase sales and grow ongoing customer relationships

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