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Wine Australia's Cellar Door and Direct to Consumer Study

December 7, 2018

Recently, Wine Australia released the full findings of their 2018 Cellar Door and Direct to Consumer research. Australian winemakers were surveyed across areas of their business and the results show an interesting snapshot of the Australian wine industry.

For wineries, these Australian wine industry statistics are the perfect way to benchmark your own business. From the value of direct wine sales to wine club growth and sales conversion, this report covers all the aspects of your business that you should be looking at. It may even reveal some valuable places for improvement.

Here are just three statistics you might want to consider:

On average, 75% of cellar door visitors purchased wine.

While the actual result does vary significantly depending on winery size, if at least 70% of visitors do not purchase wine, it might be time to look closely at your cellar door..

Wine cellar doors account for 44% of DtC revenue on average. This remains relatively consistent across wineries of all sizes.

Are your cellar door sales contributing to nearly half of your DtC revenue? For many small wineries, this figure will be even higher but it should be the minimum you aim for in your cellar door.

Wine club growth was 14% on average

There's no denying wine clubs can have a significant impact on the profits of your business, but are you following this trend for growth?

Want to see how you measure up?

Discover the most important statistics from Wine Australia and see how you're performing.

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