Frequently Asked Questions about WithWine

What is WithWine?

WithWine is the software platform used by wineries dedicated to providing better security, convenience and experiences for their customers.

What is a WithWine account?

A WithWine account is an account for the customers of the wineries using WithWine.  Rather than filling in multiple paper forms and having multiple logins for multiple wineries, a WithWine account is a single form and single login that can be used across multiple wineries.  

What can I use my WithWine account for?

Your WithWine account also enables you to keep track of what wines you’ve tried, liked and bought; record your tasting notes and maintain your shipping and payment information across multiple wineries.

What’s an example of how my WithWine account will improve my experience?

When you visit a winery you might taste five wines, like three and buy one.  That night while you’re sitting at home drinking that bottle, you might think “I wish I bought the other two I liked, but I can’t remember what they were.”  With your WithWine account, you’re able to see what those other two wines were when you go to the winery’s website (because the winery recorded it for you).  If you’ve allowed that winery to see this information (by Following them or joining their mailing list), they can use it to provide a better and more relevant customer experience by not sending emails with offers for wines you tried but didn’t like.

Do I have to use a WithWine account?

No. Your WithWine account makes life easier and more secure for you and the wineries you interact with, but you don’t have to have one. Instead, you can contact the winery and ask them to manually place orders and keep your details up to date.

How can I see my tasting and purchase history with a winery?

Every time you purchase from that winery be it from their Cellar Door/Tasting Room, eCommerce or wine club, you will get an email receipt.  Within this email, there is a link you can click on to see your tasting and purchase history with that winery.

I got a 6-digit code sent to my email.  What is this for?

This is called a Magic Code which is a) a form of user verification and b) a way to log in without the need to remember a password.  It makes your life easier and your information more secure in one go.

Is my credit card information safe?

Absolutely. Neither the winery nor WithWine gets to see, touch, transmit or store your credit card information.  Instead, your credit card information is encrypted and securely stored by one of the largest payment companies in the world (Stripe) who adhere to strict PCI DSS guidelines and security standards.

Is my personal information shared with other wineries or anyone else for that matter?

No.  Only the wineries you interact with are able to see your information… and only if you give them permission.

How can I maintain my club membership with a winery?

When you log in to a winery’s website and navigate to their Clubs section, you can use your WithWine account to update where you want your club orders to go and how you want to pay for them.

Who’s behind WithWine?

WithWine was started in Sydney, Australia by a winery customer who could never remember what wines he’d tried, liked and bought after visits to wine regions, festivals and events.  He was also frustrated by the fact he had to remember multiple passwords for multiple accounts he held with multiple wineries which had to be updated multiple times with multiple forms.  We are backed and advised by some of the most respected names in Australia’s business and wine communities and the platform is used by some of the largest wineries in the world.

How can I contact WithWine?

If you have any more questions that aren't covered here, please email us at hello@withwine.com.